PLAY, MAKE, LEARN: 50+ more kids’ indoor activities

No-fuss ideas

You don't need fancy equipment to make the time pass quickly when you're stuck indoors with children. These easy activities use things you'll have already at home. Take your pick from quick challenges and fun projects you can share together to find the perfect activity to suit your mood now.

1. Make a rainbow picture

1. Children are creating rainbow pictures and sticking them up in their windows to give passers-by a message of hope. Try this easy painting technique to make your rainbow picture.

Tried and tested traditional craft recipes

These thrifty ideas are perfect for when you can’t go to the shops. And, because the projects take a little longer to complete, you can spend a whole morning or afternoon doing them. Just click on each activity to find the recipe, plus fun ways to extend the ideas.

28. Make papier mache models from flour, water and old newspaper, including a moving car.

29. Create salt dough using flour, salt and water and then create a hand ornament and more.

30. Make DIY playdough from flour, water, oil and food colouring. And then have fun moulding it into fun sculptures. 

31. This homemade bread recipe is super simple, so children can help you out with every step.

Fun learning activities for kids

There’s no need to sit with a text book open to learn subjects at home. These simple ideas make teaching fun. 

32. PHONICS: Play the Alphablocks phonics song to learn all of the letter sounds. 

33. PHONICS: Build words using this Lego brick hack.

34. MATHS: Complete this number mission. Collect 4 toys, and find an object that has 4 sides. More missions. 

35. MATHS: Use Numberblocks blocks (or any building blocks) to do simple sums. Make a tower of 3 and a tower of 2 and then join them together. How many blocks are there now? More fun Numberblocks games.

36. MATHS: Make snacktime count. Cut blocks of cheese (or veg) and count them on to the plate. Eat 2 – how many are left? More fun maths ideas. 

37. SCIENCE: Fill a bowl with water and predict whether different objects will sink or float.  

38. SCIENCE: Test whether oil and water mix with a fun marbling experiment. See this easy experiment and more.

39. SCIENCE: Charge up a balloon by rubbing it on a cushion. Then use the static electricity on the balloon to lift up your hair.  Show me this simple science hack. 

40. FIRST LEARNING: Give toddlers sensory experiences, like walking plastic farm animals through a field of crunch cornflakes. 15 more stress-free sensory ideas. 

41. LITERACY: Write a letter to someone special and post it to practice handwriting. More beautiful handwriting activities.

Active indoor ideas: PE for little kids

When you’re stuck at home you need activities that will burn as much energy as a scoot to the park. Try these hacks to tire your kids out in the house or in the garden. You can click on each idea to find out more.  

42. Hide a teddy somewhere in the house and challenge your child to go on a bear hunt. 

43. Have an egg and spoon race indoors or in your garden.

44. Make rackets using cardboard and empty loo rolls and then play a game of indoor tennis.

45. Make your own bubble mixture and chase them.

46. Teach children numbers with a game of hopscotch. 

47. Go on a minibeast hunt. If you can’t leave the house, try searching for spiders in the house. 

48. Play follow the leader.

49. Have a kitchen party: choose a song and show off your moves.

50. Jump up and down in muddy puddles (real ones or imaginary). 

51. Play tickle tag!