Playdate ideas

Image: Marie Le Fevre | Words: Sara Conway 

Ahh, playdates.

Excellent when your kids are off to other people’s houses. Less fun when 101 kids are on their way to yours. And the summer holidays are riddled with them. You’ve been in touch to share your ways of coping.

1 Leave them in a room to their own devices, no screens allowed: and then go to another room and open a bottle. Alice, mum to Albert, 4, and Fred, 18-months.

2 Easy – do home science experiments: one of their favourites is making a volcano, but there are loads of ideas on YouTube and Pinterest. Kath, mum to Estella, 5, and Felix, 3 

3 I get the craft stuff out and let them loose. Sparkly bits, feathers, pipe cleaners, stickers, googly eyes, etc. – NO glitter though! God I hate glitter… Gemma, mum to Arlo, 5, and Fyfe, 3.

4 One of my dad’s faves is who can pick the most rotting plums off the trampoline. Funnily enough, they’ve wised up to that one now… Sophie, mum to Bert, 7, Molly, 6, and Iris, 3.

5 As long as they’re entertained, anything goes. Last time, they emptied all of Ella’s drawers and cupboards. Carnage but it meant I could go downstairs and leave them to it. Lucy, Mum to Ella, 4, and Joseph, 18-months.

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Article written by Sara Conway