Team Rocket, aka the evil baddies, have stolen various Pokémon and hidden them around the house.

The kids (Ash) have just got to find them, with a few clues. It’s likely superfans will have some form of Pokémon to hide — toys, trading cards, stickers etc — but if not, they can draw them first. We’ve given you hiding places and clues below.

They gotta catch ’em all, while we get to catch some zzzs!

These hiding places and clues will get you started (you can print the clues).

1 Pikachu Hide Pikachu around the sink.

2 Eevee Hide Eevee under their bed covers.

3 Meowth Hide Meowth under a sofa. Leave a coin on the sofa cushion.

 Pokemon Go! Clues

1 Pikachu

“We saw lightning flash near something you wash in.”

“We heard a screech near water”.

2 Eevee

“We saw something run to a place where you sleep.”

“A furry creature is hiding in the dark.”

3 Popplio

“We saw something shining on a soft comfortable seat.”

“We heard a scratch close by on the floor.”

 Need more inspiration? Check out this Pokédex!

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Article written by Sara Conway