The excellent CBeebies Special magazine is going all-out Postman Pat this week, so we are too!

Whether they’re a fan of vintage Pat (trundling at 5-miles-an-hour in his bright red van) or SDS Pat (rescuing cows by helicopter and riding a motorbike), there’s an activity here to suit every fan.

1 You’ve got mail Set them up with what they need to write (or draw) a letter to someone – it could be grandma and granddad, a friend or you. When they’re done, take a trip to the postbox to post it – ask the recipient to send a photo when it arrives.

2 Design a stamp Who will appear on theirs?

3 Home delivery They fill a bag with presents (small toys) to deliver to people and soft toys around the house.

4 Finger puppet They can act out their own Greendale dramas with this cool craft.

SDS rescue Put a soft toy in a tree and let your little person work out how to rescue it. In the absence of a helicopter, they might choose to poke it with a stick, or throw a small ball at it.

CBeebies Special: Postman Pat magazine comes with a free post office gift set (including post box, weighing scales, letter stamper, postcards, stamps, parcels and a ‘sign for’ pad with pen). There’s also a Pat dress-up set to make, a postcard to finish, 2 brand new action-packed stories to read, as well as puzzles, colouring and a cool poster for your wall!