Quick fun for 2 year olds

Craft and photos by Sarah Wills

At the moment, my 2-year-old son Theo and I are spending a lot of time together. A LOT. It’s lovely, of course, and we get up to lots of fun things – building towers, endless park trips, and best of all snack-time! But each day, there comes a point when I need just a few… precious… minutes… to myself – be it to stick a load in the washing machine, text a friend back, or heaven forbid, do a wee.

So, while your little one is still learning the concept of ‘wait’ and ‘be patient’ and ‘just hold on’, here a few quick ideas to keep them busy whilst you do… whatever you need to do!

1) Crowning aroundA quick and easy (and very royal) creative make!

What you’ll needcard, safe glue and scissors, pens, foil

1. Fit a couple of strips of card around your child's head, and tape together into one strip.

2. Cut zigzags along the top to make a crown shape.

3. Ask them to decorate it with their pens. Can they draw lots of gems and jewels? (To make the crown extra sparkly, cut out some foil pieces to stick on!)

4. Finally, tape it so it fits on your child’s head.


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2) Hide and seekA classic game that’s lots of fun!

What you’ll need: nothing!

What you do:

1. Ask your little one to close their eyes and count to 10, veeeery sloooowly.
2. Run into another room (on the same floor).
3. Ask your little one to come and find which room you’re in!

3) Boogie woogie timeIt’s time to dance!

What you’ll need: your favourite choons!

What you do:

1. Easy peasy! Crank your little one’s favourite songs up…
2. …and dance dance dance!

4) Hand drawingsA cute and simple colouring activity!

What you’ll needpaper, pens

What you do:

1. Help your child to draw around their hands.
2. Now ask them to colour their hand drawings in! What colours will they use? What patterns can they do?

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 5) Kitchen roll pallsA really easy make using old kitchen rolls!

What you’ll need: old kitchen roll, pens, (and glue and paper shapes if you’re feeling extra creative)

What you do:

1. Help your child draw a face on the kitchen roll – it could be human or animal!
2. Ask them to colour it in and make themselves a new little friend!

On a roll? There’s so much you can do with a loo roll…