How to make a rabbit card

For an easy, fuss-free Easter craft idea, this super cute rabbit card is a total winner. Your child might need a bit of help cutting out the rabbit’s head with scissors, but they’ll love sticking on its pink ears and googly eyes, and of course, drawing its happy little face!

rabbit card

You’ll need:

  • White A4 paper
  • Pink paper
  • Blue A4 card
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Pens or crayons

How to make a rabbit card

1. Fold the piece of blue card, so the opening is to the right.

2. Fold the piece of white paper in the same way. Draw the outline of the rabbit’s face so it fills the space. Ask your child to snip it out.

3. Draw and snip the middle of the ears using pink paper.

4. Now, your child can glue on the pink ears, add googly eyes and draw a face.

We hope you had fun learning how to make this rabbit card! For other bunny-themed Easter craft ideas, try making this cute rabbit mask.