Raid your kitchen for 5 instant ideas

The books have been read. The favourite TV shows watched. The LEGO built. The drawings perfected. The teddies bashed about. The jigsaw made and broken. It’s only 11am. Now what?

Have a look in the kitchen!

There’s loads of fun to be had using things that are already there. These 5 fun activities are perfect for kids of all ages. And the best bit? They don’t need you to do much at all. Except maybe click on the kettle and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

1) Tea towel pirates: silly roleplay fun

What you’ll need: tea towels

What to do:

1. Make pirate bandanas out of tea towels for you and your child, then have fun turning the kitchen into an imaginary pirate ship or treasure island. Arrrrr!

2) Yoghurt pot penguin: p-p-pick up a pot to make this cute pal!

What you’ll need: empty yoguurt pot, black, white and orange paper*, glue and googly eyes – if you have them

*If you don’t have coloured paper, your child can colour white paper with their crayons.

What to do:

1. Ask your child to wrap the pot in black paper. Then they can snip and stick on a white tummy.
2. Then they cut out and stick on orange feet.
3. Finish with googly eyes – or your child can draw the eyes on white paper and stick them on.

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 3) Creative colander: simple sensory play

What you’ll need: colander, pipe cleaners

What to do:

1. It’s super easy – let your little one have fun trying to weave pipe cleaners through the holes in a colander! What patterns can they make?

4) Woody the Wooden Spoon Woodpecker: a simple spoon make

What you’ll need: a wooden spoon, cupcake case, sticky tape, googly eyes (or pencil)

What to do:

1. Ask your kid to fold the cupcake case in half to make a semi-circle.
2. Tape this to the wooden spoon handle to make the bird’s wings.
3. Let your kid add the googly eyes (or draw them on with pencil).
4. Finally, tape a little triangle beak snipped out from a bit of the cupcake case. Done!

5) Kitchen roll castle: a castle fit for a prince!

What you’ll need: a few kitchen rolls, paper, sticky tape, pens, paint (optional)

What to do:

1. Help your little one cut the kitchen rolls to different heights and stand them all up. Paint them if you like.
2. Snip out little squares from the top of a few to make turrets.
3. Roll the paper into cone shapes, and tape them to the tops of some of the kitchen rolls.
4. Draw castle windows and big doors to finish them off!

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Enjoy raiding your kitchen for instant fun. And guess what? By the time you do all these activities, the books, TV, LEGO and toys will be ready to be played with.