Activities using yoghurt pots


1 Yoghurt pot building blocks: perfect for building up and knocking down.

You’ll need: a few pots, coloured paper, crayons, tape, scissors

  1. First get your kids to cover the pots in paper. We wrapped a band around the middle and then cut squares to cover the base and open top.
  2. If they like, your children can draw on the pots. We added windows with people and animals inside.
  3. Now they build their towers (and knock them down!)

2 Yoghurt pot penguin: upturn a pot so kids can craft this cute little friend.

All you need is a yoghurt pot and black, white and orange paper. Your child covers the pot in black, adds a white tummy, orange feet and then eyes – googly if you have them, or they can draw them on the white paper and stick them on.

3 Big pot castle: give kids a family-sized pot to turn into a fortress.

You’ll need: a 200ml yogurt pot, paper, tape, scissors, cocktail stick (or cake flag) – optional.

  1. Your kids wrap the paper around the yogurt pot and secure it with tape. We found it helped to put a few pieces of tape around the bottom to stop it riding up.
  2. Now your kids trim the top of the paper, cutting it into a turret shape.
  3. You can help them cut a door – just snip through the paper and plastic.
  4. If you have a cocktail stick, they can add a little triangle of paper to make a flag.
  5. Now they add their toys and play!

Finished the first 3? Here’s 2 more:

4 Make a sand castle

Forget buckets, kids can fill yogurt pots with sand and turn out perfect castles. Give them different-sized pots so they can create a sand city.

5 Yoghurt pot train

Your children wrap the pots in paper. Now they turn the pots on their sides and draw on wheels and windows with a driver and passengers. They can join the carriages together by taping pieces of string between them.