Seriously, how hard can it be to put on clothes, walk out of door? Yet we have the same battle every morning. So today we’re shamelessly using their favourite show to keep things moving. PAW Patrol fans, get ready for action…

(PS Don’t forget it’s the General Election today. Polling stations are open from 7am-10pm).

1. Ready for action Pretend you’re Ryder and get your little PAW Patrol team to line up and say, ‘Ready for Action!’ Wow that feels good, we could get drunk on the power. Now quick, march!

2. Firefighters We’re not suggesting you yell Fire! Fire! and scare them out the door, more, role-play — pretend there’s a fire outside and you need your little Marshall to Ruff, ruff! to the rescue. With his schoolbag, preferably.

3. Take to the Skye! Send your little Skye fans helicoptering and spinning out the house. This pup’s gonna fly!

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Article written by Sara Conway