Roarsome dinosaur makes

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Spiky pal: an easy way to make a friendly stegosaurus

 You’ll need: a paper plate, scissors, green paint, a googly eye

  1. First your child paints the whole plate green.
  2. Once dry, they cut it in half. And then cut triangles out of the rim to create spikes.
  3. Now they cut a head, spiky tail and legs from the other half of the plate (we found the rim made great legs).
  4. Then they stick everything together and add an eye.

  2 Fingerprint dinos: combine painting and drawing for ferocious fun

You’ll need: paper, green paint, a pen

  1. First your child fills the paper with finger and thumbprints. They can look at the picture to get ideas for different dinosaur bodies.
  2. When they’re dry, they can draw on arms, legs, faces and terrible teeth!

 Hatching eggs: there’s a surprise waiting inside!

You’ll need: play clay, glitter (optional), a small plastic dinosaur toy

  1. If you’re using glitter, your child rolls their play clay in it and blends it in. They can use two colours of clay to create a marbled egg effect. (Mixing white with a colour will avoid it turning an icky brown. If they over-mix, it’ll just get paler!)
  2. Next, they wrap the clay around the dinosaur and roll it into an egg shape.
  3. Now they can surprise a friend, sibling or you by hatching out the dinosaur.

4 Really wild art: printing with dinosaurs

You’ll need: paint, paper, small plastic dinosaur toys

  1. Give your child a big piece of paper and some paint to splodge onto a palette (or plate).
  2. Now they dip their dinosaurs in the paint and print. They can make footprints or marks with the tail. Or dip the whole thing in and press it on the page.

5 Fierce friend: turn a loo roll into a T-Rex

You’ll need: a loo roll, green card, scissors, sticky tape, a googly eye

  1. First, your child wraps the loo roll in green card and secures it with tape.
  2. Now they cut into a rectangle of green card to create snappy jaws.
  3. Then they cut out little tiny hands, bigger feet and a long tail.
  4. Finally, they stick everything to the loo roll and add a googly eye.