Salt dough gift: an easy way to make flowers

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DIY salt dough craft

Are you looking for a homemade present idea for your child's teacher or grandparent? These easy salt dough roses look impressive but they're so simple your child will be able to make them by themselves.

How to mould the salt dough flowers

      1. Roll the dough to a thickness of about 1/2 cm.
      2. Cut a circle with a biscuit cutter. Roll from one side of the circle to the other and pinch one end.
      3. Dry the dough. For best results, air dry. Store in a cool, dry place for between 24 and 48 hours. If you’re on the last minute, you can bake them in a low oven (110C / 90C fan / ΒΌ gas) for 4 hours.
salt dough flowers

Decorating the salt dough flowers

  1. Paint the flowers. Your child can choose any colour they like. We chose red. Or a rainbow of colours would look pretty.
  2. When the paint is dry, glue a pipe cleaner around the pinched end of each flower to create a stalk.
  3. Wrap the flowers in tissue paper to create a lovely bunch.