Sandtastic sculptures

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

We hit the beach with the kids and then remember – *look of horror* – THERE ARE NO WALLS!

We need an activity that will keep our kids close by while we attempt to lie down. And the average sand-in-a-bucket castle doesn’t work any more. Allow us to introduce three awesome new builds…

1 Turtle/tortoise: They scoop a lot of sand into a mound (‘Keep going, keep going, we’re doing life-size – these are Galapagos giant tortoises!’) Then help them add four little feet and a head.

2 Sand city: They do a LOT of sand-in-a-bucket castles to make a city to drive toy cars between (pebbles work too). Just don’t bring cherished ones that might get lost!

3 Sunbather: Set them the task of creating each part of the body separately. First, pile sand to make a life-size torso. Then each leg, then each arm. When they’ve made a head-sized mound, add your hat and sunglasses.

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