Monday 17th April

Where we are, it’s day 15 (15!) of these never-ending Easter holidays.

And we’re escaping outside for a walk/scavenger hunt. This basically means your small person searches for stuff – bluebells, butterflies, a 4-leaf clover (that one takes ages, ha! Gullible fools) and you get to be alone with your thoughts as the sunshine warms your soul. Or, the rain washes away your mascara. But still, it’s nice to be outside. And bedtime should be a breeze after using up all their energy.

What your small person just learnt

The thing about being outside is that lots of stuff is alive, and that’s pretty cool. So we chatted about how butterflies are alive, and flowers are too – even though they’re completely silent. And that it’s good to keep everything alive, no matter how much they want to squish it. Behind those innocent little faces are butterfly murderers.