The school holidays are upon us!

Time top open the mind-bogglingly complicated spreadsheet of childcare and to pass the kids round to our mum, dad, another’s kid’s mum, anyone’s mum – hey, the postman will do?! – still leaving about 44 days of quality family time to fill. Gulp!

Don’t worry; let’s take this one day at a time. We’ve got 10 no-prep ideas to keep the kids entertained for a good 5 minutes, while we sort stuff out/order 40 boxes of wine.

1 Drawing challenge Draw something spectacular: a self-portrait in the mirror; a monster with 10 legs; as many fish as you can fit on the page.

2 Play dough makes Get them to create a pretend pizza, a burger, an ice cream or some fruit while you’re making the dinner.

3 Toy story Make up a story with a few favourite toys and some props, eg, the remote control, a lemon, the oven gloves.)

4 Toy sorty Fill boxes with toys of the same colour. (Such a calming image. The reality will be messier. Leave them to it.)

5 Handy art Draw around your hand and give it a face. Colour the fingers to make crazy hair. Add a hat and a bow tie.

6 Sink or float See if toys, fruit or plastic cups will sink or float in a washing-up bowl filled with water. Keep a tally. It’s science.

7 All in hand Find things in the house smaller than your hand. Collect them in a box.

8 Got it covered Wrap small toys in foil. Try and remember what’s inside each parcel. Then unwrap.

9 Disappearing paint Doodle pictures on the patio with a paintbrush and water.

10 Food smash Put crackers or crisps in a sealed food bag and bash them so they crush. (This one’s actually for you. The bag is the person who invented school holidays).

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Article written by Sara Conway