Seasonal fun for little ones

We give up. The summer togs have been scooped up and squirrelled away (i.e. stuffed in a storage case under the bed) to make way for the winter woollies (now safely squished into the wardrobe).

It is ‘freezing’, as our mini-mes keep telling us as we twist the heating up another notch (apparently £8 a year for every degree you whack it up – thermals, anyone?) But don’t let a little detail like the weather spoil your fun – oh yes, the weekly shop won’t buy itself so we can’t completely hibernate just yet.

Here’s a few easy, fun things to do, as we head into another season – winter, we’re ready for ya.

  1. Chat about the sounds you can hear outside! Can your little one identify three different sounds? Can you hear any birds or other animals? You could pretend the breeze is sending you a message too!
  2. Make a sticky target. Masking tape at the ready – or any tape you’re happy to use – try masking up an open doorway and scrunching up paper to form balls (or use cotton wool). How many balls can you get to stick to the tape? Ask your little one to count the results – you could introduce points for specific targets too.
  3. Look around your little one’s bedroom with them and spot some patterns! Can you find any spots, stripes, checks or other patterns? What colours are the patterns?
  4. Talk about senses together. What can your little one see, smell, taste, hear and feel at the moment? Is it different to how it was before?
  5. Create a balance challenge! We’re back with the masking tape again, sorry (maybe you need to buy in bulk?). Tape a straight line, then a few different shaped zigzaggy lines onto the floor. How’s their balance? Can your little one walk each one without falling off? How about hopping? Or backwards, or blindfolded? Have fun!

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