We’re knee-deep in the school holiday and we’re sick of standing on Lego.

We have two options: 1. Stomp around the house uttering a string of expletives (ok, we’ve already done that), or 2. Get the kids to tidy up. Yes, really. These ideas should help!

1 Play musical tidy up. You sit and play music. When it’s playing, they run around putting things away. When it stops, they stand still.

2 Challenge them to find and collect things that are smaller than their hand – the only rule is that the things have to be on the floor. Can they fill a whole bag?

3 Pretend they are Cinderella and the house has to be spotless before the evil stepsisters come downstairs – wahahaha. Once they’ve cleared up you can reward them with a ball (the party kind). Which basically means playing music you like on Spotify.

4 Got two kids with messy rooms? Give them 5 minutes to compete with each other – the neatest room wins a prize. We recommend going in regularly to remind them as our kids very quickly forget and start playing in the mess.

5 Turn the laundry basket into a target and get them to aim and throw their dirty washing into it.