Today is the National Skipping Challenge, which is a brilliant excuse to burn off every ounce of your small person’s excess energy whilst you sit down and clap encouragingly. Chances are, jumping over the rope is going to be a challenge for most pre-schoolers. If they’re tying themselves up in knots, they could just jump up and down without the rope.

If you’ve got older children/a master skipper, these videos show you how to do some professional moves, including continuous crossovers, pretzels, double-dutch, double-unders, face-to-face and (what we do everyday) keep that pot boiling. Feel free to have a go, too, of course. But we won’t be. Pelvic floor, what pelvic floor? Oh how we miss our 20-year-old undercarriages.

PS. You have to watch this utterly uh-mazing group of Chinese school pupils skipping in unison 200 times in one minute. Imagine if they were your children. Life would be so easy, but also a little eerie.

What your child just learnt

Did you know PHYSICAL ACTIVITY like this is not only great for COORDINATION but it helps young brains develop, too. Skipping is a really complicated GROSS MOTOR SKILL. If your child isn’t ready for this, simply jumping over things or swinging the rope side-to-side will have the same effect.