The new Cars film obviously appeals to our go-faster kids. But there’s a pretty strong message in there, too.

Lightning McQueen is facing a challenge from younger, faster model Jackson Storm and has to learn to be smart to outrace him. Here are 3 ideas that use both brains and brawn.

 1 Race place Write the numbers 1-20 in a line (like a ruler). The kids zoom toy cars through a cardboard tube and use the numbers to measure which car travelled the furthest.

2 Stay on track Create zigzag racetracks with masking tape on the floor. They race toy cars along them without them leaving the racetrack.

3 Ramp race Prop up a large book or, if you have one, a smooth piece of wood, to make a ramp for them to race their vehicles down. They can explore what happens to the speed of the car when they prop the ramp from different heights.

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Article written by Sara Conway