Strictly kids dancing!

Time to turn the music up because these fun moves are a great way to get your kids to be active indoors. Meanwhile, you can quickstep your way to the kitchen and put the kettle on for a nice, uninterrupted cup of tea.

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1) Jump and jive: this simple jumping game will get kids moving.

What you do: Get your child to jump to the music. How high can they jump? Can they make funny shapes in the air? And who can do the best jump?

2) Remote control: play a fun music game where you’re in control!

What you’ll need: music and a remote control

What you do:

1. Put on some lively music for your kids to dance to.
2. Press a button on a pretend remote control.
3. Shout out instruction words like ‘fast forward’, ‘rewind’, ‘pause’, ‘play’, ‘stop’. Your children have to change their dance to match the word, e.g. for ‘rewind’ they might start walking backwards, or for ‘stop’ they might freeze.
4. Play again, choosing a different word to shout.

3) Ribbon fever: a dramatic dance idea!

What you’ll need: a long piece of ribbon and some tunes!

What you do: Put on the music and let your child twirl themselves and their ribbon to the beat.

4) Follow the leader: get your little one leading the way on the dance floor!

What you do: Put on some fun music. Tell your kids to take it in turns to be the leader. The leader makes up a funny dance move, which everyone else has to copy.

5) Jungle boogie: your kids will love trying these jungle moves!

What you’ll need: several different kinds of music

What you do:

1. Put on a selection of different types of music.
2. Call out the name of an animal – like, crocodile!
3. See if your child can move like that animal.

There you go, you’re all set so… ‘keep dancing!’

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