A trip around the world

Here at 5 Minute Fun we’re going on a World Adventure. Whether you and your little one are jetting off somewhere exotic, or you’re staying in the surprisingly sunny UK for the summer, we have plenty of activities to take you around the globe – all in just 5 minutes! Check them out here. 

First things first – before you can go anywhere, you’re going to need a passport! Here’s how you and your kids can make a passport in a few easy steps. It’s so simple, they might want to make one for their favourite soft toy too!

Begin by folding a few pages of plain paper in half vertically. Remember that you don’t need too many pages because your passport will have double the number that you use.

We used A4 paper, but you can use whatever size you like.

Then fold the paper in half horizontally. Cut along this line to get two passports – if you need more than two, repeat these steps as many times as necessary.

Next, to create your passport cover, repeat steps 1 and 2 using some coloured paper or card. Don’t worry if you don’t have any – your little one can paint their passport whatever colour they want! We’ve used some lovely shiny silver paper for our passport cover.

Staple the passport along the seam. We advise having the pointy ends of the staples facing inwards to protect little fingers.

Now for the really fun part! Ask your kids to decorate their passport cover. They could try to copy their own passport cover, or they can make up a totally new country and design their passport – it’s up to them what they glue, paint or draw on there!

Inside the passport they need a picture and their name, just like a real passport. You can either stick in a picture of your little one, or you can ask any budding artists to create a self-portrait! Ask your child to write out their name, their birthday, their age or whatever other fun facts they want to include. Maybe the passports in their made-up country have their favourite colour in them?

As you and your little one make your way through our 5 Minute Fun summer series, make sure to make a note of any countries you’ve visited. They can write or draw whatever they’ve learned during their ‘trip’ to that country and even have a go at drawing the flag (for youngers world travellers, you can draw the flag outline and then ask them to colour it in) Good luck when it comes to the Welsh flag – here’s our attempt!


That’s it! You’re ready to jet off into a world of imagination and learning – and no matter where you travel to, it only takes 5 minutes to get there. Bon voyage!

Now you’re ready to take a trip around the globe with our travel activities!