Superhero phonics!

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

Every moment our kids spend playing is as good for their brains as swotting up.


These games are based in phonics and are designed to help children to learn to read and write  – and they’re also FUN.

HELP! Write a help note from a toy together, before your superhero flies off to the rescue. Some good early words to include are: ted, cat, help, me, I, am, in, a, cup, car, sat, tap. They could write a reply, too – I am on my way!

SOS Show your child how to make letters by twisting foil into shapes. Then they can make a big SOS sign to lie out on the floor, before throwing on a tea towel cape and zooming to help.

Magic letters Write letters on card using a white crayon or a candle. Your little one can use their superhero power to reveal them by swishing watery paint over the top.

Superhero name they tell you their superhero name and then you write it together. On paper. Or with food colouring onto bread which you can toast for a superhero snack.

Disappearing game Chalk letters on the floor outside and give your hero soap and a sponge. To defeat the baddies they need to rub off each letter as you call it out.

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