It’s mid-afternoon and the free babysitting service, aka school, is about to send your kids home. You’ve still got washing to unload, emails to answer, dinner to make… Don’t worry. These ideas will keep them busy for 5 minutes while you carry on.

1. Balled up socks and an empty wastebasket are perfect for target practice.

2. Clipping pegs together makes a great snake. They can draw and snip out a pair of eyes to tape on it, too.

3. Send them on a mission to collect 5 things that are smaller than their hand.

4. Give them a washing up bowl with water inside and beakers to do scooping. Add oranges or lemons for nice smelling floating fun.

5. Put on CBeebies or Milkshake and give them a list to look and listen out for – a rabbit, something round, someone saying hello…

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Article written by Sara Conway