We’re visiting friends and their kids for Sunday lunch and determined to finish at least one conversation before having to seek and retrieve a small child from the furthest reaches of the house.

We’re hoping at least one of these games will help.

1 Meals on wheels! Come armed with crayons and paper and either draw them a dinner plate or use one of the paper plates from yesterday. Now get them to draw their favourite meal on the plate. Or a monster.

2 Straw talent Give them a straw and lie another straw on the table. Challenge them to blow the straw that’s on the table over the opposite table edge. If you have enough straws, they can race their friend. Afterwards, the straws can be snipped up and used to make pictures.

3 Fuzzy felt A bit of prep needed for this one. Buy felt and snip it into shapes for them to build pictures with. Keep the shapes in an envelope in your handbag and whip out in times of need.

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Article written by Sara Conway
Image: Getty Images