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5 ideas to keep kids busy while you de-stress

Relax in the bath, read your favourite book, listen to music… It CAN be done!

Easiest ever 5-ingredient meals

These simple, time-saving recipes have only five ingredients each. Not only are they quick, but they’ll save you money too!

5 ways to decorate doughnuts

It’s national doughnut week, so here are 5 ways to decorate shop-bought doughnuts!

5 fun LEGO ideas

Challenge your kids to build something a bit different!

5 paper cup makes

Transform your coffee cup once you’ve left the cafe!

5 ways to play with slime

These quick and easy ideas help kids to get creative and make the most out of slime.

Make mealtimes fun

Tips, recipes, and activities to change fussy eating a day at a time

5 llama crafts

Stuck for things to do? No prob-llama! Try these simple creations and spread the llama love!

5 gardening games

Get kids interested in gardening with these easy ideas

5 ideas inspired by favourite nursery rhymes

Try these 5 fun nursery rhyme activities to get kids moving, singing and creating!

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