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7 Kick-ass Heroines

Inspire girls and boys with these feisty female characters from books and films!

Toddler got square eyes?

Try one of these 5 alternatives to a phone or tablet

Boredom-proof playdate ideas!

Got a houseful? Don’t worry! We’ve handpicked ideas that max out on fun – not mess – to keep the kids busy.

Indoor ball games

Active games to keep energetic kids entertained.

Tips & tricks for nice clean teeth

Take the battle out of brushing with these five fun activities

Reading games that make phonics easy

Part 2 of our guide

5 Numberblocks games

Help your child be totally amazing at maths

5 handwriting activities for kids

Playful ways to help with handwriting

Tips and tricks for the perfect playdate!

A foolproof guide with 7 tips, activity and game ideas

5 Minute Fun activity cards review

Mum Sara tests 5 Minute Fun’s activity cards pack with Grace, aged 2

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