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5 Easy Christmas Crafts

Try these super-simple creative crafts, and have some festive fun together!

Top 10 Christmas gifts for kids!

Our pick of the best children’s Christmas presents – we’ve got every type of gift covered!

Save £££s with KidStart

Put away money while you shop with this clever children’s saving scheme

5 ways to craft Christmas cards

A kids’ handpainting project to show they care.

4 easy bakes for Children in Need

Kids can help to make and decorate these bake sale ideas

5 DIY gifts kids can make

The gifts that keep on giving – these crafts give 5 minute’s peace to YOU!

5 ways to decorate cupcakes

Yummy ideas that are perfect for parties, brilliant for bake sales and super for scoffing at home!

5 best fridge cakes

Get kids cooking with these easy no-bake treats – perfect for school cake sales!

5 ways to decorate biscuits

Transform the boring biccie into something sensational!

5 ways to decorate biscuits, party-style!

These quick and easy ways to decorate biscuits make the perfect party snack

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