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Indoor ball games

Active games to keep energetic kids entertained.

Tips & tricks for nice clean teeth

Take the battle out of brushing with these five fun activities

5 instant ideas!

Activities to keep kids busy and stop a tantrum in its tracks…

5 speedy ideas to try while walking

These will help you to keep your cool on the way to school!

Tea party ideas!

Set your kids these indoor activities while you have a cuppa!

Healthy meals you’ll all want to eat!

Get your kids involved in making these 10-minute budget family meals!

5 minute sensory play ideas!

These stress-free activities make sensory play easy (and not too messy!)

5 winter crafts to keep the kids happy

These easy peasy crafts use stuff you’ve got lying around the house!

5 healthy activities

Fun ways to keep little ones active and healthy!

Building maths skills

Games to play with your child’s Numberblocks!

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