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5 mindful activities for chilled happy children

These quiet time activities will help kids to calm down, reset and be in the moment.

7 Kick-ass Heroines

Inspire girls and boys with these feisty female characters from books and films!

Toddler got square eyes?

Try one of these 5 alternatives to a phone or tablet

Boredom-proof playdate ideas!

Got a houseful? Don’t worry! We’ve handpicked ideas that max out on fun – not mess – to keep the kids busy.

Creature crafts for kids

Perfect for Valentine’s, birthdays or just to say thanks

Indoor ball games

Active games to keep energetic kids entertained.

Join in the big garden Birdwatch

Because, let’s face it, we’re going to be up anyway…

Tips & tricks for nice clean teeth

Take the battle out of brushing with these five fun activities

5 minute dens

Great ways to build easy hideaways – and keep them entertained all day

5 speedy ideas to try while walking

These will help you to keep your cool on the way to school!

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