Here’s what we’re packing to help our little one’s festival experience run as smoothly as possible. 

1 Ear defenders. These are a must for little ears – try these, which have great reviews online

2 Wet wipes! The everyday essential is even more essential when you’re in a sunny / rainy / muddy field

3 First aid kit. While there are plenty of easily accessible support services on site, you can save time and fix up minor scrapes or bites by having your own first aid kit

4 Potty. Even if your child has grown out of it, a potty will avoid long portaloo queues and nighttime tent-peg dodging to get  them there on time.

5 Consider picking up a cheap folding cart – pack with blankets and use it to transport the kids in when they’re tired

Pack a mix of snacks to carry on you – pieces of cereal, biscuit, raisins etc. shaken together in a sandwich bag will help dodge energy slumps and hangry little monsters

7 Don’t forget things for them to do in down time. Colouring books and crayons, the latest preschool magazines and stickers all don’t take up much space in your luggage and will keep them occupied 

Some final tips and tricks we live by when taking kids to a festival… 

1 If you can, consider arrive either a day earlier or a day later than you usually would. This will help to avoid mega queues. Arriving early will also give you the pick of camping spots

2 Put a wristband with your contact details on your child before you even arrive

Going to be using a pram? Decorate it with fairy lights to help others avoid bumping into in the dark. It also makes it easier for children to spot it if they’ve lost you

Are you off to Glasto this year? Are the kids coming with you? Share your plans (and your secrets for keeping the little ones happy in a metre of mud..!) on Twitter ?

Article written by Emma Wilson