The best kids’ TV shows to watch right now!

Best kids TV programmes

Don't miss our number 1 show, Bluey!

If you’re word-perfect on the entire Frozen 2 script, or just keen to avoid your 76th rewatch of Paw Patrol, take your pick from our favourite TV programmes to watch with your little ones - we promise, you'll love them too!

Are you a “they don’t make ’em like they used to” or an, “I wish we had programmes like this when I was a kid” kind of parent? Either way, our list of the top 10 TV programmes for pre-schoolers has something for everyone. 

1. Bluey – CBeebies and Disney Junior

Not all programmes aimed at pre-schoolers are enjoyable for parents, but Bluey will make you laugh out loud. Follow the adventures of puppies Bluey and Bingo and identify with long-suffering parents Bandit and Chilli. We love this as much – if not more – than our little ones!

Episode to watch: Grannies, where Bluey and Bingo dress up as Rita and Janet and drive their car into everything (including Bandit), is pure comedy gold. Watch a clip here. 

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Hey Duggee

2. Hey Duggee – CBeebies

With lovely animation and relatable characters (I’m a Roly), Hey Duggee is an enjoyable way for children to learn about the world – topics cover everything from friendship to gardening and even politics. It manages to be silly and clever at the same time, and has lots of good jokes for grown-ups.

Episode to watch: The Stick badge has a cult following – watch this clip to find out why (and have your glow sticks ready!) 

3. The Adventures of Paddington – Nick Jr

New to TV this year come tales of the biggest marmalade sandwich fan in all of darkest Peru. Voiced by Ben Whishaw – the same voice actor from the successful films – The Adventures of Paddington does a great job of bringing an old favourite to kids now.

Episode to watch: Paddington and the magic trick (Series 1, episode 3) is classic Paddington fun and will teach little ones about the importance of perseverance and listening to instructions! Watch the trailer.

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4. Numberblocks – CBeebies

Numberblocks are animated versions of the counting blocks that you may remember from your own schooldays and they make learning numbers really, really fun!. With a catchy theme song and interesting characters, your little ones will be hooked.

Episode to watch: Series 1 – Three Little Pigs helps children relate numbers to a familiar tale. 

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5. Go Jetters – CBeebies

In a world before lockdown, social distancing and bubbles, the Go Jetters spend their days visiting important historical sites around the world – and saving them from the evil clutches of Grandmaster Glitch. Oh, and their mentor is a disco-loving unicorn, Ubercorn, who provides funky facts about each location! Here are his best moments. 

Episode to watch: The Go Jetters rescue some cute critters in The Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan (Series 1, episode 50) or try Stonehenge, England (Series 1, episode 3) for an adventure set closer to home.

Go Jetters

6. Alphablocks – CBeebies

These brightly coloured blocks – each with their own big personalities – are a fun way to introduce children to phonics. The way the letters interact with each other helps little ones to make connections with how letters sound when paired together.

Episode to watch: Alphablocks A-Z (Series 1, ep 1) is a great place to start – especially if you want a handy guide for how to pronounce all of the letter sounds.

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7. Blaze and the Monster Machines – Nick Jr

Like a modern-day Brum, but with more of a monster truck vibe, Blaze introduces science and maths (STEM) ideas to kids. There’s a nice bit of interactivity, with the characters speaking to the audience and waiting for an answer. This is a high-energy programme that will lead to kids being pretty revved up (!), so maybe not one for before nap time.

Episode to watch: The Wild Wheels episodes (series 3) feature cool animal trucks and Blaze learns some wild facts.  

Blaze and the Monster Machines
Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

8. Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures – CBeebies

If you’ve got a dinosaur fan at home, put this at the top of your watch list. Andy travels back through time and meets crazy creatures we never knew existed (there are for more than we ever saw on Land Before Time!). Good for children (and parents!) who love collecting facts. 

Episode to watch: Triceratops and Horn (Series 1, ep 6) covers some of the more familiar dinosaurs, with a special cameo from a pair of T-Rex.

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9. Jojo & Gran Gran – CBeebies

This show celebrates grandparenting with lovely storybook-style animation. The action is cut with interviews of real children who are unintentionally funny, as children often are! It’s feel-good, modern and – as character Jared says – Jo Jo’s Gran Gran is a legend.

Episode to watch: In It’s time for Carnival, Jo Jo and Gran Gran call Great Gran Gran in St Lucia and then throw their own Carnival party.

Jo Jo and Gran Gran
Peppa Pig

10. Peppa Pig – Netflix

No list would be complete without the puddle-jumping pig with the catchiest snort!

Episode to watch: After some frankly irresponsible helicopter piloting, Mrs Rabbit helps to free a tortoise from a tree, and several other would-be heroes who have lost their way in the foliage (series 5, episode 2.) Then, Peppa and her friends learn about their shadows. With any luck, this will encourage your little ones to have hours of (completely free) fun with their own shadow.