It’s Camp Bestival this weekend and we can’t wait!

We’ve got romantic visions of family bonding, skipping through fields bearing flowery face paint and back-to-nature smiles. And if things start to get a bit feral, we’ll pull it back with one of these great ideas…

1 Be the envy of everyone with homemade giant bubbles. Just bend a wire clothes hanger into a circle and dip into a bucket of soapy water.

2 Take paper, scissors and glue and make yourself festival crowns. Decorate with festival souvenirs, from flyers to leaves.

3 Back at camp, make your own music by stringing up empty bottles and cans from the trees and letting them tinkle in the wind .

4 Find your inner artist and create huge floor pictures by arranging stones, leaves and clothing. See if you can get any neighbours to help!

5 Visit the CBeebies magazine teepee and be amazed at the amount of stuff there is to play with, see and do!

Plus, read this great post about How to Survive a Festival! Good luck!

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Article written by Sara Conway