Every year on either the 19, 20 or 21 of March, the sun crosses the ‘celestial’ equator (that’s the line in the air above the Earth’s equator) from south to north. This sends us merrily spring-ward, and down south, announces the beginning of Autumn (or fall). 

This is all good in theory, but we’ve looked out the window. Wherever the sun is, it isn’t shining on us! Here are some fitting things to do with your children this afternoon.

Spring has sprung! Can your child act this out for you? The could pretend to be a daffodil springing up from the earth and reaching skyward, or a baby bunny bouncing in the sun!

In Japan, spring is cherry blossom season. Turn this into an art activity! You’ll need a piece of paper, a brown pencil, a cotton-bud and red, pink and white paint. Draw your child a tree trunk template, with branches reaching out. Help them to mix combinations of red & white and pink & white paint together to create their desired colours (to simplify, you could just give them pink. If you’ve got time and the inclination, allowing them to play with the colours leaves lots of room for their imaginations!) Then, let your preschooler dip the cotton bud into the paint and then dab away adding blossom to their tree. Younger ones will paint randomly, but don’t worry about that – it’s great for their hand-eye coordination.

PUDDLE JUMPING! I know, I know… but tell me you can’t remember how fun this was as a kid? Get your wellies on and head out for some care-free, hilarious fun.

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