We’re hosting a barbecue and we’ve gone all Come Dine With Me with the menu.

We need some ideas to distract the kids while we cook. These games will keep them busy (and away from the flames), whether we’re in the kitchen butterflying and marinading, or slapping sausages on the barbie straight from the pack.

1 Create their own bbq Challenge them to make grillable treats with play dough. We especially like rolling fat sausages and then rolling thin squiggly pieces of red and yellow mustard to lie on top.

2 Make a salad Get them to do something useful (for a change, ha ha!) Small (clean) hands can tear lettuce, drop tomatoes and spoon avocado into a salad bowl for you.

3 Serve snacks Food prep is hungry work. Give the kids bowls of snacks to serve to you and any guests you might have.

4 Superdog Take inspiration from the king of barbecue food and tell them to draw Superdog – a hotdog with a dog’s features and a cape (of course).

5 Create a menu Challenge them to draw or write down all the food you’ll be cooking today.

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Article written by Sara Conway
Images: Getty Images