The generation game

Your living room is bursting with family, from giddy toddlers to gin-soaked grannies.

Try getting them all involved in these 5-minute games while you finish the turkey…

1 Funny picture: Each person takes a piece of paper and draws a head, folds the paper over to cover the head, and passes the paper to the next person who draws a body. Keep going drawing, folding, passing and drawing again until you’ve done the feet – then open the paper to reveal your creations!

2 Hunt the treasure: You designate an object as treasure (it might be a cracker toy), and then send everyone out of the room so one person can hide it. They invite everyone back in and give ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ clues until someone finds it.

3 After Eight challenge: Each person has a go at getting an After Eight mint from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. Much eyebrow wiggling, head shaking and an acrobatic tongue should do the trick!

4 No fuss pinata: Stuff a paper bag with sweets, tie the top with string and hang it from a door handle. Each person is blindfolded and given a stick to whack it with, until the sweets cascade out.

5 Balloon battle: The aim is to keep a balloon in the air for as long as possible by just blowing it. If you have enough people, split them into two teams so they can battle against each other.