The Tiger Who Came to Tea games

Written by Sara Conway

1) Tiger tea party: can your kids create a tea party for a hungry tiger?

They can make play clay cakes, finger paint biscuits or draw treats on paper plates.

2) Paper plate tiger mask: a cute fancy dress outfit – bookmark this idea for next World Book Day!

You’ll need: two paper plates, black paper, scissors, orange paint, white paper, crayons

1. To make the base for this cute tiger mask, your kids paint a paper plate orange and stick on black paper stripes.
2. Then they snip another plate to make ears, stick those on and paint them too.
3. Now they just need to snip and stick white paper to add the nose, mouth and eye shapes. They can draw on the paper to add details.
4. Finally, help them cut out eyeholes and stick string across the back. Accessorise with a tea set, an orange t-shirt and black leggings!

3) Tiger food shaker: this is a great idea for toddlers who are fans of the book.

Just fill an empty tube with dry rice (we used a hot chocolate tub), and then wrap it in paper and label it tiger food. A fun shaker for your child, and useful for them to have in case a tiger comes calling.

4) Tiger shopping list

Can your child draw (or have a go at writing) a shopping list for tea with a tiger? If you have a copy of the book, they could note down the things he eats (cakes, biscuits and daddy’s beer.) Without the book, they can use their imagination and note down everything they think a tiger might eat – from scones to sausages and (mummy’s) cider.

5) This little tiger…

Call out descriptions for your little tiger to act out, like tired tiger, hungry tiger or full tiger. This easy game can be played when you’re out walking, trying to have coffee with a friend or making dinner.