These games are possibly more entertaining than the actual X-Factor.

AUDITION: They prepare a special song for you (1D, Twinkle Twinkle, Pharrell Williams – whatever they like). They need to practice it a lot (ie, for at least 5 minutes, in another room). Then you give them a standing ovation.

BAND NAME: You loved their performance; they really made it their own, but you think they need a new name. Can they make one up for themselves? Try funny combinations, like an animal name and an action. Or something from space and a colour.

DO THE X FACTOR SURVEY: While you watch, keep a tally of the things they can spot (to help, we drew up the list below). How many of each can they see?

A hat

Someone funny!

Someone crying…

A white shirt

Something blue

A guitar

A really good singer!

An ‘X’

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