With Red Nose Day on Friday, it’s all things GO on the comedy and fund-raising front!

An amazing cause, Comic Relief helps children and families in the UK and around the world. And they make us laugh! We thought we’d get in the spirit of things with our favourite silly dad/mum/aunt/kids/teacher/anyone! jokes!

Disclaimer: all of these were truly uttered by parents and children in the 5 Minute Fun community in the last week. ?

Katie, grown-up: Archie, your school jumper’s round the wrong way.”
Archie, 5: It’s OK mum, I’ll just walk backwards.”


China, 4 put a loaf of bread on her head and said… “I’ve got a bread-ache!”


Noah, grown-up: A duck went into a shop to buy a lipstick. How would you like to pay? asked the assistant. The duck replied, “Put it on my bill.”


Poppy, 3 & Carly, grown-up: Recently, Poppy decided (out of the blue!) that her name was Richard. Every time we called her Poppy, she’d get the hump and correct us. It was quite funny for all involved!” 


Akram, 7: “Knock knock! Who’s there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow who? MOO!”


Alana, 6: “Knock knock? Who’s there? Arch. Arch who? Bless you!”


Mike, grown-up: “Patient: Dr Dr I feel like the little island at the the bottom of Italy. Dr: Don’t be Si-cilly”

? ? ? ?

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If you’d like to make a contribution to Comic Relief’s campaign this year, head over to THIS page. As a well-known supermarket likes to say, every little helps!