5 games for the weekend

It’s a cliché, but work is the most restful part of our week – weekends with the kids are exhausting.

If you agree, you’re going to love these ideas that tire the small ones out while we have a little lie-down.

1. Send them off into the garden or take them to the park  to collect fallen twigs, leaves and seeds. Then provide a paper plate for them to build a nature face on.

2. Give them old kitchen utensils so they can go out and make mud soup. Delicious!

3. Challenge them to find four twigs, which you can tie together to make a frame. Then get them to draw a picture of what they see outside your window to put inside.

4. Write numbers on paper on the floor, then throw socks at them for target practice!

5. Let them raid the recycling bin to find boxes and pots they can build a crazy monster with (just make sure you’ve taken out anything with sharp edges first).

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