Time to get organised…

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

You’ve got a mammoth online order to complete and a pile of wrapping looms…

Try giving the kids these 5-minute games so you can get on with it all.

1 Write a letter to Santa: It’s never too late to write to Santa. When they’ve done that, they can draw a picture for him as well, and leave it out for him to collect on Christmas Eve.

2 Listen out for elves: What can you child hear outside? We’re guessing cars, rain and – if they listen really closely – maybe the tinkle of bells as elves run around creating magic.

3 Ho ho ho challenge! Their task is to make each other – and you! – laugh out loud. They could tell a joke, put on a silly outfit, sing a funny song. They get a point for every laugh.

4 Write cards: If you’ve a mountain of cards to write, then get your small people to sign each one. People will love seeing how good they are at writing their name (or doing a squiggle).

5 Get their room ready for Santa: Never was there such a perfect motivation to get them to tidy their room unaided. Tell them Father Christmas won’t leave presents unless it’s spotless.