Tips & tricks for nice clean teeth

Even the most stubborn children will find it difficult to resist these 5 activities that make teeth cleaning fun.

1) Tell a story: Teeth cleaning is more exciting when Pirate Timmy Toothbrush needs to explore a cave for hidden treasure. He needs help counting as he searches high and low, side to side. Our treasure was a bubble wand, which filled the room with bubbles when they’d finished.

2) Choo choo! Brush round and round like train wheels and make a choo choo sound together. Or round and round like the Wheels on the Bus and sing the song. (Don’t like singing? Try this app)

3) Look at me: Sit side-by-side in front of a mirror and challenge your child to copy you. Brush high up and count to five. Brush the front fast, and then slow. Mix up brushing with pulling funny faces. Then clean each other’s teeth.

4) App-y days: If they’re staring at a phone, kids will do anything. We like this app Disney Magic Timer from Oral B, created especially for teeth cleaning.

5) Reward chart: Add a sticker every time they clean their teeth for 2 minutes or more. Draw your own chart and let them choose their stickers (we love Paperchase, from £1). Or buy a chart you can personalise and reuse, like this one from the Victoria Chart Company, £9.99).

Article written by Sara Conway