Top 10 Christmas gifts to keep kids busy!

This is the only Christmas present list you’ll need this year – our picks to keep children entertained all holiday.

You’re looking forward to Christmas… you REALLY are. But what about the week after Christmas before the kids go back to school? Have you thought about how to fill those 7 magical days of pure family time… Have you? HAVE YOU?

Er no, of course not! Because there are three billion other things to think about before then.

Which is why you need this 5 Minute Fun gift guide. Our pick of the best craft kits and games to keep your preschool-aged kids busy all holiday – so you get some time off to relax… just remember to put fluffy socks and a giant bottle of Baileys on your list. Christmas 2018: sorted.

1) Decorate your own teepee tent (£38)


Don’t colour on the walls… unless it’s the walls of your very own teepee, that is! Kids can personalise their own den by colouring onto the white canvas. It doesn’t come with anything to decorate it with but at £38 for a sturdy, roomy tent it’s great value. Gift it with fabric pens, ribbons and/or wall stickers.

2) Don’t Step In It! Game (£19.99)


Yep, you guessed, the “it” is a big pile of poo. After the hilarity of making grandparents walk blindfolded avoiding carpet droppings, you can hand this over to your kids to play with for the rest of the holiday. Kids never tire of poo.

3) Giant craft set (£5)

The perfect gift for kids who love to craft, this set is jam-packed with all the fun stuff: crinkly scissors (ooh!), fluffy feathers (aah!) And it’s amazing value at just £5.

 4) Foxy Pants Game (£16.10)


Battery operated, check! Funny fox, check! Underpants, yup! This game ticks all the boxes needed to make kids want to play by themselves. And it’s on special offer at Amazon.

5) Play-Doh Buzz ‘N Cut (£12.99)


If your kids love play clay but need your help deciding what to make then this hair-larious (sorry) kit is perfect. They fill up the head, turn the lever to create crazy hair, and then trim it with a realistic (but safe!) buzzing razor.

6) LeapFrog LeapStart 3D (£35.99)

This is a great way to make learning independent and fun. You slot in reusable activity pages and kids use the stylus to complete them. Activity packs range from learning to read to shapes and colours, plus brands like Peppa Pig. A great alternative to a tablet.

7) Aquabeads starter set (£9.99)

Simple and mess-free, this is craft at its best. Kids just put the beads into the tray, spray with water and they stick together to make 3D models. The starter kit is a great stocking filler. Bigger sets are also available.

8) Melissa and Doug Doctor Set (£22.00)


Every child needs a doctor’s set and this realistic one from Melissa and Doug has everything kids need to treat friends or teddies. Or volunteer to be a patient – you just have to lie down and close your eyes.

 9) Mr Pop game (£12.99)

Yes, it’s the Mr Pop game from our childhoods and it’s just as fun as you remember it being! Kids have to put all the pieces on the face before it flips and throws them all off.

10) Nutty Putty (£5)

The perfect stocking filler! Kids can blend, mix and mould the clay and – once they’re done – keep their creations. You just leave them out overnight and they turn rubbery. TOP TIP: Roll the clay into a ball and it will bounce!

This feature was written by Sara Conway from For more great gifts and creative stocking filler ideas, visit the 5MinuteFun Shop.

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