100+ Sizzling Summer Activities!

Keep kids busy all summer with this BIG list of 5-minute activities that use stuff you’re likely to have at home!

5 tricks to try with sand

Happy beach days

How to relax on holiday with a toddler

The 5MF guide to sun, sea and siestas

Our Greek adventure

Greece has a rich cultural history, full of myths about gods and monsters. It’s also the setting of the Mamma Mia films (even better). In these acti...

A tour of France

Next on our imaginary activity tour of the world, we’re crossing the pond to France! Keep scrolling for lots of super French activities for your lit...

A trip to Italy

Here at 5 Minute Fun, we’re going on a trip to Italy! Read on for lots of fun things to do with your little one to learn all about the best country ...

We’re off to Spain

As part of our summer holiday activity, we’re off to Spain (not actually, but we can dream!). Read on for lots of exciting activities your little on...

A trip around the world

Make your own passport!

How I survived flying with a toddler

Includes 5 tips to make air travel a breeze!

Have baby, don’t want to travel

How one travel blogger adapted to holidaying with a baby

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