Smile day

5 happy crafts

These activities will put a smile on everyone’s face

5 ways with paper

There’s nothing simpler than making something with paper and glue. Here are 5 new ideas!

5 whizzpopping Roald Dahl activities

Celebrate Roald Dahl day with these imaginative activities your little one will love

5 ways with a sock

Re-use old socks for some easy creative play

5 cute animal crafts

Keep kids busy with these makes while you curl up with a brew

5 new ways to play with dough

A neat way to use this squishy favourite

Easy bubble mix recipe and more ideas!

Lots of bubbly activities that really pop!

5 ways to make a shark

Have a go at these happy, snappy shark crafts!

Emoji makes

Try these super-cute emoji crafts, perfect for parties!

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