5 Valentine’s activities

Here are some fun, simple activities and crafts to help your kids spread a little love!

Creature crafts for kids

Perfect for Valentine’s, birthdays or just to say thanks

5 monstrous makes!

Quick crafts to keep your little monsters happy

5 cheerful crafts

These activities will put a smile on everyone’s face

Great recycling crafts!

5 winter crafts to keep the kids happy

These easy peasy crafts use stuff you’ve got lying around the house!

5 Sloth-inspired Crafts

Take it sloooow like these cute and cuddly creatures.

5 ways to reuse wrapping paper

Don’t throw away wrapping paper and cards – try these ideas to keep kids busy instead!

5 empty box makes

Entertain your little one with a cardboard box and a bit of imagination!

5 ways to handpaint

These quick handpainting activities will keep little ones entertained on a rainy day!

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