Day 4! I’ve heard Thursday is the new Friday.

That of course means nothing when every day is a child day, but I’ve decided it will mean that I have a cheeky cider once the kids are in bed. Only 10 hours to go….

So how to fill today? Build a ramp for a car race. And by ‘build’ I mean get a flat item that you can pick up (plank of wood/ large book) and lean it against something (sofa/pile of books). Now your little people can send cars zooming down it, over and over again. Meanwhile, you can do whatever you need to do. I will be lying on the sofa with my eyes closed counting down to the cider bedtime hour.

What your small person just learnt

We just set up a SCIENCE experiment in our front room. Our small people learnt what things roll (wheels help). And that everything slides faster on a slope and on smooth surfaces (the plank) than on material (the carpet). A vital lesson to us also, when walking in high heels. Or rollerboots. Basically we organized a lesson in FRICTION today. Well done everyone.