Unicorns are having a moment.

This basically means that the people of Pinterest are making things rainbow-coloured and calling them unicorn food, or tears, or poop. We’re taking advantage of this trend to keep the small people busy for five minutes. Magical!

MAKE unicorn music: by adding hundreds and thousands of those shiny silver (and whatever bright colours you fancy) balls to a clear bottle and shaking it. It’s a shiny, magical version of the perennially popular blind-baking-beans-in-a-milk-carton game!

DANCE: Get them to tap their hooves and use their graceful wings to swoop around the room, while you say encouraging things and paint your nails in unicorn colours.

FREEZE unicorn pops! Take an empty yoghurt pot and fill it three quarters full with fruit juice. Then get them to ‘help’ you drop in brightly-coloured berries, plus a lolly stick or spoon. Then simply put it in the freezer for two to three hours. Waiting is the hardest part!

HUNT unicorn treasure… Hide brightly coloured M&Ms or Skittles around the room and help your small person to find them by saying “warmer” or “colder”. (Unicorns don’t like the cold. Fact.)

BAKE! Our favourite Go Jetters unicorn, Ubercorn, has been transformed into a cupcake. If you need to fill an afternoon together, this is perfect.

Tag us in your unicorn pics: we’re @5minutefun!