#uptoearly – YOUR STORIES

Here’s some things we’ve recently done in that pre-dawn hour – some desperate, some ingenious and some that just straight-out deserve a medal.

  • When I’ve been woken up at 5am, I will do whatever it take to get an extra 20 mins in bed. Ella’s now 6 and I have a whole back catalogue of activities she can do using her inside voice; while I nod back off
  • Honest answer? I switch the TV on quickly, give them a digestive and try and get another 20 mins kip!
  • I put their toys into cot with them (where they can’t get out ?) and encourage them to put the toys to sleep….
  • I embrace the early morning! Most days, I’ve cleaned the whole house, done an hour of ironing and showered/washed/dried hair, got the kids ready – all before we leave for school at 8.30!
  • What have we done before 7am? We’ve dressed as a butterfly, a bumblebee and a superhero. And we’ve taken all of the toys out of their toybox, and delicately arranged them all over the floor. A productive morning!

Can you do better? Tweet us your #uptoearly stories!