Vampirina activities

Special spooky fun to celebrate new episodes and more!

Written by Gabrielle Meredith-Elsworth

There’s something about Vampirina that kids go batty for. And this is one of those programmes we secretly love, too. Not surprisingly, October is Vampirina’s month! To celebrate all things spooky, there are new Vampirina episodes, a cinema release and a Disney Playtime special magazine out, too.

To get in the spooktacular mood, try these Vampirina-inspired activities. They’re frightfully fun!

1) Fang-tastic photo frame: For their favourite snap!

What you’ll need: Vampirina pictures (you could print these or snip them from Disney Playtime magazine), card, paint

What to do:

1. Ask your little one to cut out their favourite Vampirina characters.
2. In the meantime, cut out two equal-sized rectangles from the card. Make one of the rectangles a frame by cutting out the middle. Also cut out a stand for the frame.
3. Ask your child to paint all the bits and leave to dry.
4. Once dry, they can stick the pictures around the frame.
5. Choose a picture (or get them to draw one) to go in the frame and stick to the rectangle that hasn’t been cut into. Glue the other rectangle on top and stick the stand to the back of the frame.

2) Demi’s boo-nanas! A ghoulish treat

What you’ll need: bananas, fruit bar (like a Bear for kids yo-yo), chocolate tube icing (white and milk)

What to do:

1. Ask your child to peel and break the bananas in half.
2. Meanwhile, make bowties from the fruit strips.
3. Put a blob of tube icing on the back of each bowtie so your child can stick them on the bananas.
4. Now they can use the icing to make eyes.
5. Push the bananas onto sticks (and pop in the freezer if you’d like them to be frozen). Or eat straight away!

 3) Spookylele: Rock out just like a Ghoul Girl!

What you’ll need: 3 paper plates, 3 elastic bands, kitchen roll tube, paints, felt tips, glue

 What to do:

1. Glue two paper plates together and cut into a skull shape.
2. Give them to your child to draw and colour in a face (we copied the one on Vampirina’s).
3. Snip along the length of the kitchen roll tube twice to cut it in half. Get your child to paint one half pink. They can paint the other plate pink while they’re at it.
4. Once dry, glue the kitchen roll to the back of the paper plate skulls.
5. Help your child draw and cut out the end of the ukulele from the pink paper plate.
6. Snip the elastic bands. Ask your child to tape them on the skull to create strings. They can draw the strings continuing up the arm of the ukulele.

Then it’s time to rock out to the sound of the Ghoul Girls. Round of a claws, please!

4) Mask make: Wah-hah-ha! Time to get into character…

What you’ll need: paper plate, white paper, black card, felt-tips, blue paint, lolly stick, glue, tape
What to do:

  1. Get your child to paint the paper plate blue whilst you draw and cut out two ear shapes. Ask them to paint these blue too and once everything has dried, glue the ears to the back of the paper plate.
  2. Now, they can cut out two eye shapes from white paper and stick them to the paper plate. Ask them to colour two purple circles in the middle of the eye shapes.
  3. Cut out two bat wing shapes from the black card and help your child to tape them to the back of the paper plate to make the hair.
  4. On a piece of white paper, draw a mouth (with fangs!) Your child can stick that on the paper plate, too.
  5. Now they can add the hairline, eyebrows, eyelashes and nose with a black felt tip.
  6. Make two bobbles by colouring white paper and sticking to the top of the black hair.
  7. Push a pencil through the middle of the eyes and cut to make eye holes.
  8. Get your child to glue a lolly stick to the back of the mask so they can hold the mask in front of their face (or tie elastic around the back so they can wear it.

5) Brilliant boo-loon! An easy Vampirina decoration

What you’ll need: purple or black balloon, white, blue & black card, a black pen, pencil, glue, scissors and sticky tape, black ribbon or string

What to do:

1. Blow up the balloon.
2. Ask your child to make the face by drawing a circle on the blue card (we drew around a roll of sticky tape). Draw an ‘m’ at the top of the circle, then get them to cut out the shape this makes.
3. Help your child make the head by drawing the same size circle on the black paper, but this time add bat ears! They cut this out, too.
4. Ask your children to make the eyes and mouth by cutting circles and shapes from the black and white card and gluing them together on the face.
5. Now it’s time for the wings. Help your child draw them and cut them out.
6. Hold the balloon upside down so your child can tape on the face and the wings.
7. Tie on a ribbon to hang it up.

Disney Playtime magazine’s Vampirina special is available to buy now (2nd October-5th November) in all good supermarkets and newsagents. It’s packed with stickers and comes with a FANG-TASTIC Trick or Treat set!

And get set for ghouls galore and fun for all the family as Vampirina Fang-tastic Party hits cinema screens across the country on 5th & 6th October 2019.

New episodes of Vampirina are on Disney Junior weekdays at 5.30pm from 21st October.

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