WATCH: PE with Joe Lego animation

And top movie making tips

This brilliant stop-frame animation of Joe Wicks' live YouTube sessions was created by 9-year-old Leon Young. He recreated Joe's live YouTube lessons by building a set with Lego and then creating a movie with the Motion Studio app. He gave us these top tips so other children can create their own mini movies.

Leon's top tips

    1. Keep it simple, only move one or two things at a time.
    2. Sound effects make a big difference. You can get free ones on the internet or you can sometimes record your own.
    3. The more frames per second the smoother the movements in the film. (I did 7 frames per second for a 3 and a half minute movie and I took nearly 1400 pictures. It takes a lot of patience!)
    4. The camera needs to be really still, ideally on a tripod. Or Blue Tack can help to keep it still.
    5. It is better if you use artificial light in a dark room, otherwise there will be a high risk of flicker in the movie.

    Thank you for showing my film. 🙂