We hit the beach the weekend the schools broke up, and predictably got drenched.

The heat wave broke, along with our umbrellas. But we’re determined to spend time outside (or for the kids to anyway!) So here are 5 outdoor ideas they can do whether it rains or shines.

1 Mud kitchen Send them off outside with old pans and kitchen utensils to scoop up, stir and slop mud. Watch through the window and enjoy a nice mug of wine cocoa.

2 Marvellous potion Give them a big bowl to make a potion in by filling it with water and things they find on the ground outside: fallen leaves, bits of dirt, pebbles. Maybe not insects, that one flower we’ve managed to keep alive all summer…

3 Food experiment Put some food items on a tray and leave outside all day to see what happens. What happens to chocolate when it’s hot? What about a rice cake when it rains?

4 Chalk the floor Let them draw on paving stones. If it’s raining, it’ll just wash off quicker. And it might create some cool patterns, too.

5 Nature faces Challenge them to make a face on a tray using fallen leaves, twigs, daisies, moss and pebbles.

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Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre